Growing in Devotion


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    The Interior Castle, by St. Teresa of Avila:

  • Thoughts on the Last Judgment Apr 16, 2020

    One of the many things the Sinner’s Guide contains is an excellent treatise on the Four Last Things. Here is a small excerpt from its chapter on the third of the Four Last Things, the Last Judgment:

  • Eucharist Homily Apr 15, 2020

    This homily from today’s Mass in Marytown was particularly good. It reminded me a lot of what Fulton Sheen said, that we need to have more devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and a better understanding of Holy Communion. The priest went into an explanation of a supposed apparition that coincided with Vatican II. He explained that a lot of decrease in Catholic attendance is due to a lack of belief in the True Presence, and that one thing we could do is revive the 40 Hours devotion.

  • See how the devil treated Job? Apr 9, 2020

    In chapter 10, “The tenth motive for practising virtue: the thought of Hell, the fourth of the Four Last Things”, on page 115:

  • Against abusing God's Mercy Apr 7, 2020

    The Sinner’s Guide has a chapter titled “Of Those Who Continue in Sin, Trusting in the Mercy of God” which starts off saying: