Learning the Devout Life


  • St. Francis de Sales
    Thorough instructions on living a holy and sinless life in practically every state of life. Often used for spiritual direction by those who have no spiritual directors.
  • Dom Lorenzo Scupoli
    Highly recommended by St. Francis de Sales who read bits of it every day for almost 20 years, this book uncovers many finer points and subtle dangers of the spiritual life. With a specialty on conquering your vices, it gives five distinct methods. Quite structured.
  • St. Teresa of Avila
    A very theological course in devotion as 'mansions'. It gives instruction on many topics all around spiritual converse with God, with instruction on discernment of inspirations/revelations. Very good for nuns, fairly good for contemplative religious, and also good for lay people.
  • Fr. Quadrupani
    This book could be considered an update to Introduction to the Devout Life, being written in the same style and spirit, but for more modern times. Very encouraging and instructive.
  • Fr. Lasance
    A friendly discourse on life, and how to keep virtues in the midst of a corrupted world. Very great for youth, and explains everything from belief in God and self-control to vocation discernment.
  • Fr. Lasance
  • Rev. W. Cramer
  • St. Francis de Sales
    Letters written by the bishop of Geneva to various people on various points of practical holiness in everyday life. Could very well be considered a companion to Introduction to the Devout Life.
  • Rev. Henry Dodridge, D. D., Rev. Henry Edward Manning, D.D., Rev. F. Lewis, of Granada, Rev. Stephen Keenan, Rev. Bernard Vaughan, S. J., Rev. Thomas N. Burke, O. P.

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