The Blessed Virgin Mary


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  • True Devotion to Mary, first pages Apr 25, 2020

    In this wonderful book, St. Louis de Montfort starts out by describing, in very strong words, the blessings of Our Lady:

  • The Blessed Virgin on Holy Communion Apr 23, 2020

    The Blessed Virgin Mary describes the sentiments of her Immaculate Heart as she received Jesus in the very first Holy Communion during the Last Supper, and instructs us on how we should strive receive Jesus in this most holy Sacrament:

  • The Birth of Jesus Apr 18, 2020

    The Mystical City of God describes Jesus as passing through Mary as light passes through a crystal shrine and fills it with light:

  • Perfect Obedience Apr 13, 2020

    Saints have always recommended that obedience be done not only in orders but in judgment. The Blessed Virgin Mary revealed to Mary of Agreda how to practice a union of these two:

  • The Mystical City of God concerning St. Paul Apr 12, 2020

    The devil tempts the people who he sees are more active in fulfilling God’s plan. He wants to use their virtues to actively go against the Church and God’s plans as he did with Saul.

  • The Scourging as Revealed to Mary of Agreda Apr 10, 2020

    About 500 years ago, Venerable Mary of Agreda was given a special knowledge of the hidden details of the lives of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. This falls under “private revelation” and is not required to be believed, so if you do not find it beneficial to your spiritual life, feel free to ignore anything you read here. That said, this book has been recommended by Popes and approved by the Spanish Inquisition. In chapter 20 of the Transfixion volume, page 603, Mary of Agreda writes of the Scourging in great detail: