Mystical City of God

Perfect Obedience

Saints have always recommended that obedience be done not only in orders but in judgment. The Blessed Virgin Mary revealed to Mary of Agreda how to practice a union of these two:

also that thou practice ready obedience and subjection to others, always preferring the good counsels of others to thy own insight and judgment. Thou must carry this to such a point that, in order to obey thy superiors and thy spiritual directors, thou take no notice of what thou foreseest will happen contrary to their expectations; just as I, when I knew that what my holy spouse Joseph expected would not happen on our journey to Bethlehem. And even when some equal or inferior command thee such things, be silent and hide thy better foreknowledge; perform all that is no sin or imperfection. Listen to all with attention and silence so that thou mayest learn; in speaking be very slow and reserved, for in this consist prudent and careful intercourse.

This is on page 381 of Mystical City of God: Incarnation.

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