Mystical City of God

The Birth of Jesus

The Mystical City of God describes Jesus as passing through Mary as light passes through a crystal shrine and fills it with light:

477. At the end of the beatific rapture and vision of the Mother ever Virgin, which I have described above (No. 473), was born the Sun of Justice, the Onlybegotten of the eternal Father and of Mary most pure, beautiful, refulgent and immaculate, leaving Her untouched in her virginal integrity and purity and making Her more godlike and forever sacred; for He did not divide, but penetrated the virginal chamber as the rays of the sun penetrate the crystal shrine, lighting it up in prismatic beauty.

St. Thomas Aquinas has held that when Jesus was born of Mary, he chose to simply pass through her, so that she may be left intact and retain her virginal purity. Venerable Mary of Agreda, in this private revelation, further explains that in the same way light passes through a crystal shrine and still comes out completely while also filling the whole prismatic structure with light so that it almost seems to glow, the Light of the World passed through the Blessed Virgin, not in any way “breaking through” her flesh, and in the process illuminated and enlightened her whole being with His grace.

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