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Saints insisted on Holy Reading

“It is impossible,” says St. Chrysostom,” that a man should be saved, who neglects assiduous pious reading.”

In Introduction to the Devout Life, St. Francis de Sales agrees:

Have always at hand some approved book of devotion […], and read a little of them every day with as much devotion as if you were reading a letter which those saints had sent you from heaven to show you the way to it, and encourage you to come.

Read also the histories and lives of the saints, in which, as in a looking-glass, you may behold the portraiture of a Christian’s life, and accomodate their actions to your state of life; […]

There are others, again, which contain more subjects for admiration than imitation, […]; which, nevertheless, do not fail in general to give us a great relish for the holy love of God.

(Read the full chapter in St. Francis de Sales on Holy Books)

Saints were made by Holy Reading

  • St. Anthony of the Desert was convinced by hearing the gospels that he should sell all that he had and follow Jesus in perfect poverty, becoming one of the first and greatest Desert Fathers.

  • St. Athanasius wrote down the life of St. Anthony of the Desert after serving this great saint personally for many years, so that all posterity may be inspired by his holy life.

  • St. Augustine saw the book of St. Anthony of the Desert’s life just lying on a table, and after reading it was convinced that a holy life actually is possible!

And we haven’t even gotten past the letter “A” nor the first 5 centuries!

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