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Letters from Heaven

“Have always at hand some approved book of devotion, and read a little of them every day with as much devotion as if you were reading a letter which those saints had sent you from heaven to show you the way to it, and encourage you to come.”

Timeless classics

The Catholic Church has wisely held up those perennially useful books which are fit to teach and guide all future generations on the path to Heaven.

This website contains a manually curated collection of such books, currently offering 179 books total.

Free in every sense

Because their copyrights have expired, these classic books can now be offered as digital copies, free of charge to all posterity.

Despite being made freely available here, many of these books are still printed and sold today, totalling at least $500 among the Classics alone.

Start with the Classics

Not sure where to start? Check out the Classics, which is a collection of books most highly recommended by the Catholic Church for all to read and benefit from.

Anthologies of the Saints

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