Catholic Videos

Fulton Sheen videos

  • The Fourth Great Crisis in the Church

    Fulton Sheen speaks about the present crisis in the world and in the Catholic Church, and what we should do about it.

  • The Art of Preaching

    Fulton Sheen explains the best way of preaching, especially for priests.

  • Why Make a Holy Hour

    Fulton Sheen makes a passionate argument for why we should make a holy hour of Adoration daily if possible.

  • Spectators On and About The Cross

    Fulton Sheen explains the three ways we respond to Jesus; includes the Catholic solution to the "problem of evil".

  • St. Therese of Lisieux

    Fulton Sheen talks about the Little Flower and how she showed us that it doesn't take much time to make us great saints, only much love.

  • 50 Catechisms from 1956

    This collection of 50 catechisms was recorded in the 1950s and contains a summary and defense of of Catholic beliefs.

"Family Retreat" series

Fulton Sheen explains Catholicism in a new light. Great both for those interested in learning what Catholicism is all about, and long-time Catholics interested in a refreshing new perspective.