The Sinner's Guide

The Sinner's Guide

By Venerable Louis of Granada

A masterpiece of spiritual writing. Highly recommended by St. Francis de Sales. According to St. Teresa of Avila, it converted over a million souls.


Posts about this book:

  • Thoughts on the Last Judgment Apr 16, 2020

    One of the many things the Sinner’s Guide contains is an excellent treatise on the Four Last Things. Here is a small excerpt from its chapter on the third of the Four Last Things, the Last Judgment:

  • See how the devil treated Job? Apr 9, 2020

    In chapter 10, “The tenth motive for practising virtue: the thought of Hell, the fourth of the Four Last Things”, on page 115:

  • Against abusing God's Mercy Apr 7, 2020

    The Sinner’s Guide has a chapter titled “Of Those Who Continue in Sin, Trusting in the Mercy of God” which starts off saying: